We'll DO it Live
F**CK it.

Every Wednesday - 8am PT, 4PM GMT on Twitch

What is this all about? 

We are building a learning platform from scratch and you can watch us live!
Join us once a week, every Wednesday at 9 AM PT / 5PM GMT!
Watch Kevin & Pete building, trying things, f**cking up, learning, growing!
Check out grow.do for the current version of our product.
We'll be honest, we'll share everything, you can watch, you can help!

Be amongst the first 100 users who get access to everything we build!

Our long term goal is to empower 1 million people to learn new skills.
And for you to watch and help us build an awesome product.

Past streams

How we iterate and move fast!

We want to learn as much as possible, that's why we need a system that allows constant changes and iteration. Check how we use Figma.

How we use Notion

Pete needs a something to keep track of talking to creators and people who want to learn. That's wy we are building a CRM in Notion.

Your Profile is my profile is your ...

In this stream we built a "My Profile" Feature that shows your current profile picture, name and a possibility to edit your profile.

It all starts from the start

We start building our Tiktok for Learning app using no-code tools like Adalo. In this video you'll see how the app itself will be set up.

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