No money to grow?

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Do you want to make the last 80 days of 2020 count?
Do you want to grow and learn new skills everyday? 
My name is Peter M. Buch and I am the founder of GROW.
Before that I helped grow my startup Swelly from 0 to 10 Million users.

In this short course you'll learn 20 things you can do to grow your business without spending any money.
All you need is 90 seconds a day. 90 seconds for a new skill.

Ready to commit to making 2020 your best year yet? 

All it takes is 90 seconds of your time. 90 seconds per day to learn a new skill.
Grow helps you to apply this new skill and watch your business grow.

Are you ready to get to work?
Watch this free video on Public Speaking - one of 20 things you can do to build an audience for free.

What you will learn:

  • How to create something people love.
  • When to launch your product? And how?
  • How to build a product or service people buy again and again.

About this grow instructor:

  1. Pete co-founded 10 companies within 14 years.
  2. His last startup Swelly grew to 10 Million users and is an official Facebook Partner.
  3. Pete is all about learning and growing. He has no degree and learned how to develop new skills on the go.

90 Seconds a day to Grow

In short, bite sized videos - never more than 90 seconds - Peter will show you everything you need to know to grow your business without spending any money on ads.


Key takeaways

  • How to build your brand with no budget
  • Create a scaleable way for customers to find you
  • how to create something people love